Hi Nicholas, I just want to thank you so much for Briar. She has been such a joy in my life right now and I love her so much; she is my little (15 lb) baby!! She has been so easy to potty train (she is such a pooper) and is already learning some tricks like shake 🙂 Between my family, the girls at my (boarding) school, and my mom’s co-workers, she is so loved! She is definitely going to be a hassle when she becomes more mobile as her curiosity runs wild, but I am excited to explore new things with her. Right now we are in the teething stage, which is very interesting as nothing escapes those little pinchers! Anyways, I cannot thank you enough for this joy in my life, and as my doctor recently asked me, “Do you do anything for fun in your life?”, I immediately responded, without thinking, “I have fun with my puppy.”” With love, ~Frazier B. and Briar~

French and English Bulldog Puppies for Adoption