Our number one goal is to make the payment process secure and safe for our customers. So please read carefully and contact us at info@rollesbulldogpuppies.com or call +61 488893463 if you have any questions or concerns.

We understand that coming up with the means to purchase a Bulldog Puppy can be difficult. We are ready and willing to work out a payment plan that will work for both of us as long as the full price of the puppy is paid before pick-up or delivery. The deposit and any payments are non-refundable (NO EXCEPTIONS). If for some reason you cannot get the puppy you have chosen out of the current litter, your money can then be used towards a puppy of the same quality from the next litter. The buyer will be responsible for any difference in price.

All of our puppies come with ANKC Registration, a one (1) year health guarantee, and will be up to date on vaccinations. All appropriate paperwork (ie. shot records, contract & ANKC registration forms) will be provided at delivery or puppy pick up. If your puppy is shipped via ground or air, we will also provide the carrier, food, and water.

When you have chosen your puppy and are ready to make a minimum deposit of $500, please contact us at info@rollesbulldogpuppies.com or call +61 488893463. I will then email you a copy of our contract. We require payment in full and a signed copy of our contract before you can take ownership of your puppy.

In Australia, we accept bank deposits as the best method of transfer. Keep in mind that all payments must be made, and contract papers sign before we can proceed to the shipment of puppies.
. A bank deposit is a safest and most preferred way to make payments over the internet.

English & French Bulldogs


We invite you to drive to pick up your puppy or meet us in a spot that is located within a 20-mile radius. I’m sorry, but we’re not going to travel more than
20 miles away. We will be happy to ship your bulldog with one of our shipping options below if this doesn’t work for you. We do not re-home our puppies
until they are weaned (minimum eight weeks). For rare cases, if we believe the British bulldog puppies are not yet ready for a new home, we will keep the
puppies until 8 or 9 weeks. We will easily ship the puppy by ground or air if you live far and are not prepared to pick the puppy.


Ground delivery is a perfect way for puppy transportation. If you live within 9 hours from our location, we can send your puppy through ground shipping.
It means, of course, that it may take more time than flying. We use a courier service, which is a certified dog handler and supplies nationally.
Your British bulldog puppy will travel in an air-conditioned vehicle and will stop for food, water, and potty breaks on a regular basis. Shipping
by land depends on your location and is determined by the carrier we use.

bulldog delivery


Our safest and most preferred option This is our favorite method and the form of transport that is most requested. With 100% confidence that your puppy is
safe and in good hands, you can rest easy. We use a certified puppy nanny to deliver your puppy to your nearest airport when we fly our puppies in Australia
and other countries we sell our British bulldog puppies. The approach does not include the delivery of puppies in a cargo; bulldog puppies will be hand-delivered
to you at your nearest airport. The health certificate, crate, and cost of flight usually are around $250.00-$300 for domestic flights in Australia. We do ship
internationally, but the price will vary on the country and the costs of importing the puppy into that country.


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