Meet our Short and stocky black tri triple carrier male Tinker! This little snuggle bunny bulldog puppy craves human touch!! You sit down, he plops in your lap, you stand up, he waggles against your legs, you take a bath, he sits on the side of the tub and waits for you to get out. If you’re looking for a best friend disguised as a Bulldog puppy, you just found him!! I think he might have TWO purr boxes, also, since he is ALWAYS purring!! . His little pink nose wakes you every morning with a wet bulldog puppy KISS to start your day for good luck. If this looks and sounds like the purr-baby of your dreams, don’t let him get away, Level up your home with our huge discount opportunities. Our fur baby got it all?


French and English Bulldog Puppies for Adoption