Genotype for Lilac Bulldog is: [bb dd]

Lilac Bulldogs are born black, but they gradually lighten the chocolate and blue genes. Respectively, the [bb] and [dd] alleles turn black to brown and blue. Purple or Lilac can be achieved by mixing blue and brown paint. On black or in direct sunlight, unless it’s the Seal Color, the Lilac should be shiny and appear Weimaraner gray (or some shade of purple or Lilac). The nose, eyeliner, and pads color is a purple shade.

Although the [bb, dd] genes do not affect the Lilac Fawn’s HAIR, they affect the pigment in the nose, footpads, and eyeliner, causing the shade of purple to vary.

Lilac bulldog color is is a combo gene, full blue and full chocolate combined.

You get a Lilac-colored dog when you breed chocolate and blue bulldog together.

Brown/Chocolate Bulldog

TYRP1 Gene. There are two alleles: 1. B-dominant full base color 2. b-recessive brown.

The black pigment is diluted to brown when two copies of brown are present. However, brown does not dilute the hair color from offspring of red or yellow dogs, but it does change the color of the nose and footpads from black to brown.


It is impossible to have brown bulldog offspring if the bulldog dam is B/B.

B/b: Dog is the base color and carries 1 copy of brown

b/b: 2 copies of brown-full brown/chocolate


The gene d has had recent discoveries for the first time and is now renamed d1. Several other genetic mutations can cause dilute color phenotypes. In addition, two additional MLPH dilutions, d2 and d3, have been revealed. If you want a light litter bulldog puppy color, you’ll need to use any two of the dilution variants or a mix thereof.


D/D No known dilute

D/d1 Carries 1 copy of dilute

D/d2 Carries 1 copy of dilute

D/d3 Carries 1 copy of dilute

d1/d1 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

d2/d2 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

d3/d3 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

d1/d2 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

d1/d3 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

d2/d3 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

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