Persian Kitten Coat Color and Patterns

TICA-registered Persian Kittens Cattery is a small cattery in the center of the United States. Our kittens are all kept indoors, and we’re here to make sure the new owners have all they need. From our humble beginnings, we have strived to make your experience purchasing your new cat a joyful and simple one. While we are proud of our little cattery, everything we do is guided by our devotion to your pet’s health and quality.

Persian cats are calm, charming cats that can be lively or laid-back. Excellent with children and families. They enjoy lounging in the house.
They also adapt readily to new environments and are comfortable in crowded or even rowdy households. They don’t mind if the house is packed or if the kids are running around. When they need some alone time, they’ll normally hide, so make a quiet spot for them in your home.

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