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Welcome to our Boutique Cattery!

Our kitten nursery and cattery are shown below. This is where our newest addition spends their days playing and thriving before they join their new forever families.

We continually raise the bar extremely high because we consider our purr-babies our children, they just happen to have two extra legs and a tail! Not only do we strive to create happy, healthy, well-adjusted kittens, but we raise these regal beauties in an immaculate environment.

To achieve our goal of producing superior quality teacup kittens we start our day with a cleaning routine that is carried out 365 days of the year. All food and water bowls are emptied, washed and refilled daily. Towers, beds, and carpeted surfaces are vacuumed daily and shampooed monthly. These are also replaced every six months, or as needed. Nonporous toys are bleached and sanitized every day. Hard surfaces including walls, windows, and floors are bleached and sanitized too. Litter pans are also emptied completely, bleached and refilled each day. We do not own a litter scoop! All of these things and more help to ensure the health of our teacup cats and kittens.

Our nursery is located in a newly built addition located off of our office! Separating us and our fur-babies are beautifully made French doors. Through the glass, we are always able to have our eyes and ears on our Persian cats and kittens. We have also recently installed a security system which includes six specially placed cameras throughout our cattery and birthing room. This allows us to view our teacup kittens and cats from anywhere, anytime!

“Boutique Teacup Kittens”
– Making dreams come true…one family at a time for the past 28 years.

This is our nursery where babies are born and spend most their time until the day arrives when they leave to begin a new life in their new homes.
One thing that’s hard to “see and know” on the website is the nursery is in our home.
The location and design allow us to give our Persians 24 hour TLC!
“We use cages…BUT we DO NOT Abuse that Privilege.”

We see a necessity for cages, health, and safety among other things. We use cages as a tool to aid in the process of bringing up a healthy, happy and well-rounded kitten!

First one must understand that when you get more than one mother cat in any room, and they are pregnant or have just delivered, they are very protective. They want to be secluded as we would as humans. We would not want to give birth in the living room, or in the presence of several other mothers. Nor do our feline friends.

Our cats run free in the cattery until they are approximately three weeks from their due date. We then move them into the nursery, where they are given their own birthing room.

Mama is put in the birthing room at nights to get used to where she will deliver and gets out during the day to mingle with the other mother cats. Once the mother cat delivers, she stays in her birthing room for the first couple of days after delivery, not only to bond with her babies but to rest and recover from the delivery.

The first week of life:

Only about the 4th day after delivery, the mother cat is given a choice several times a day to get out of her room and just hang out in the nursery. Usually, the mother cat will want to stay close to her babies until they reach about two weeks old. Once the babies open their eyes and are starting to toddle out of kittening box ( Usually about 3-3 1/2 weeks old) the mother cat will then spend a few hours a day, out in the main cattery away from her babies. During this time the mother cat and her family are moved to a large cage – over 6′ long and 3′ tall.

The fourth week of life:

For mother cat, the fourth week is a very busy time! She is teaching her youngsters how to eat from the bowl, and how to use the litter pan. This is where the caged environment is essential. If the babies are running all over the house, or even in one room…it makes it tough for the mother cat to teach the kittens good litter pan habits. We have tried raising kittens free-roaming in my home and watched the struggles of mother cat as she tried to teach her babies proper toilet habits. This way is so much easier on her!

The fifth week of life:

Once the kittens have all mastered their litter pan habits, they are turned loose in the nursery (and throughout our house) with their mom. The babies and mama all merge into one big ball of furry-purring playmates!

The seventh week of life:

The mother cat will now be removed from the nursery and returned to the cattery. The babies run loose. They have mastered all the social and litter pans skills they need. They are being handled by my family and have acclimated to life well! I had my cats before I had my four children. The baby kittens have always been a very big part of our family. Since adding the nursery to our home, the kids spend even more time in “Kitty Heaven”! Please be advised if you call us and do not get an answer we are most likely doing our “kitty chores” (which consumes the better part of each day) leave us a message and we will return your call as our time allows.


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