Why do English Bulldogs Cost So Much?

Without talking much, it can cost up to $2000 to breed, deliver, and raise a bulldog litter without taking into account the amount of time spent.
The litter size is four on average. The female needs to be prepared for breeding and require pre-breeding tests, ovulation tests etc-it requires
about three visits to the vet. After this, the female has to be inseminated artificially, another three journeys to the clinic. Not to mention
the semen/stud service, which costs up to $500. You will then wait for an ultrasound and x-rays for four weeks. (Also important to be sure of
the females’ pregnancy ). For the next five weeks, there will be special diets and constant monitoring. By also preparing other stuff like
getting the nursery as well as heat pads, bottles, blankets, medical supplies, a milk replacer, puppy scales, and a list that continues.
Then comes the C-section, which could cost up to $500 if the dam got into labor during regular office hours, assuming all procedures works well.
Females produce only a few litter. Bulldog breeds require human support in nurturing a litter up to 8 weeks of age. Notwithstanding its appearance,
the bulldog is extremely fragile as a newborn puppy. Management of the puppies (24 hours a day, seven days a week) requires constant supervision.
Bulldogs don’t make the best mothers because they could not even realize that they are laying on a puppy accidentally. The bulldog puppies, now need
shots and puppy vaccinations, followed by vet inspection four times during the first eight weeks. It is a breed that needs the breeder’s MAXIMUM
effort to ensure all puppies are safe and healthy. The entire process is costly. Many breeders will cross the $2000.00 mark for their bulldog puppies for sale.
Beware of “great deals” and “cheap puppies,” they could end up costing you a lot more-not only money but also stress.

Is a Bulldog right for me?

Yeah, sure! If you are going out for running, just leave the dog at home. As an adult, the bulldog is not an active breed and can not withstand long hours of exercise.
The bulldog isn’t built for running except for very short spurts. British bulldogs love watching t.v. Happily with family members at home. They love to go to the
park or beach or anywhere else where only moderate workouts are required. Bulldog puppies love car rides, please, don’t leave your dog unattended for extended periods.

Do Bulldogs Make Good Watch Dogs?

No. Not If you mean British bulldogs will attack strangers entering the house. Their temperament will not allow them to act like a trained, aggressive dogs.They will,
at times, bark but make no mistake to feel they will protect their family if they think it is not safe. They are commonly referred to as celebrity bulldogs. Now you
understand what I mean being aggressive is not their type.

How long does it take for the head and chest to grow?

Bulldogs typically complete their height at a maximum of 4 months. Others go through a long and lean stage and then begin to expand. Head and chest start to grow at
about 8 to 9 months, and this will continue until the age of three to four years.

What do I feed my puppy?

Bulldog breeders should provide you with a written diet sheet telling you what types of food the puppy was served, how much, and how often. You will adopt this diet
for a few days before weaning the puppy slowly onto the feed, which you want. It gives the puppy the best possible start in life, and your new puppy must be provided
with the right diet. At this stage of his life, any errors can have severe and lasting consequences. A nutritious diet has to provide all of the nutrients the puppy
needs for growth and healthy development, not just in the right quantities, but also in reasonable proportion to each other. Do not feed your puppy uncooked meat or
food that might have gone bad. Young puppies require relatively large amounts of food to satisfy the demands and hectic lifestyles and fast-growing bodies.
Nevertheless, they are still young at this point, and their stomachs can not contain much food. Bulldogs must be fed several small meals each day to meet their
needs. Also, their diet has to deliver comparatively small quantities of all the necessary nutrients. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be as tricky as it sounds to
feed your puppy. Diets specially designed for puppy development remove all the guesswork one has to go through to have healthy puppies. The mixed feed contains
and gives bulldogs a nutritious and easily digestible diet. The diet of your puppy is highly dependent on its age and individual characteristics. The best indicator
of whether you feed the right amount is the condition of the puppy. A puppy should generally be allowed to eat for 15 to 20 minutes at each meal. Remove any leftover
food after 15 minutes and serve a fresh meal for the next feeding time. While milk is useful as a nutrient source for young dogs, once the puppy is weaned, it is not
an essential part of his diet. Most British bulldog puppies and dogs can’t digest lactose, sugar in milk, efficiently, and if it is given, it will cause digestive
upsets.While bones offer chewing exercise, calcium, and phosphorus, they also can be dangerous if they split. Instead of bones, feed your British bulldog puppy with
special design chewing treats from trustworthy pet stores. Make sure the puppy has its food and bowls kept clean.There should always be fresh water available.

How long is the lifespan of a bulldog?

Bulldogs usually live about 8 to 10 years. Some do live for nearly 12 years with proper care.

Are Bulldogs Good with Kids?

  • Bulldogs love children! They are cautious, very compassionate, very gentle playful. Still, no child should be left unattended around bulldogs because they fail
    to understand the proper method of dealing with bulldog puppies.

How Long Have You Been Breeding?

Going on 11 years

Frenchie Or Eglish Bulldog Which Is Preferable?

They are both amazing! Frenchies usually choose one person they follow and English Bulldogs love everyone. They’re both very stubborn but so loving. Frenchies and English Bulldogs have lots of similar personality traits that’s why we offer both, it’s too hard to choose one!

Are They All Same Price?

Pricing Is determined based on structure, lineage, and coloring ?

How Much Do Your Bulldog Pups Start At?

We don’t have an official starting price as all of our puppies prices vary.??

How Many Dogs Do You Own?

Great Question! WE own about 15 bulldogs as well as co-owning, however, we only have 5 of them housed with us, all of our breeding males are housed with family members and friends. This way they have a great spoiled life.?

Possible To Ship Out Of Au?

We do have shipping option however with the current restrictions from the Au to other countries, we are not sure it’s an option now??

Would Love To Here More About The Temperament In Your Program!

Our dogs in our program are all raised with family members/friends as well as us, they are very sweet and Calm. Bulldogs and frenchies are a lot alike. We can’t say their Temperament is much different from each other but each dog definitely has their own personality.

Are Your Bulldog Puppies ANKC Registered?

Yes, all our bulldog babies are ANKC registered. Up to date on shots, dewormed and health checked by our vet.

How Big Do They Get?

Our English Bulldogs usually are no more than 55lbs full grown. There’s no way to guarantee size in any dog.However we do our best to breed compact bulldogs and frenchies.

Are They Potty Trained ?

These babies are litter box trained?

Do You Take Your Bulldog Puppies Outside In The Grass?

We don’t recommend taking your Puppies outside until a week after their last set of shots ?

Do Puppies GO Home Exactly At 8 Weeks? Or Can It Be A Week Later?

They can go home at 8 weeks but we can also hold the bulldog puppies for up to two weeks after if necessary.

What Are Some Of The Items A Bulldog Pup Will Need?

All the typical things a pup needs like a bed/bowl/toys.How ever stay away from rawhide or any bones that are hard on their teeth and no collars for walking only use a harness?❤️

How Do I Know When You're Expecting A Litter?

If you are subscribed to our mailing list, We will personally inbox you on updates about our upcoming litters or Breeding. Bulldog Puppies will also be posted on our fb page once they are ready to go to their new forever home.

Do You Have Payment Plan?

We don’t have payment plans however we can take payments up until pick up or delivery. This way it reduces all the burden paying at once.

How Do You Decide Which Dogs To Breed?

We are very selective when deciding which two dogs to breed together. First we make sure health testing is done, next thing we look for is structure/ lineage and coloring is the last.

What Are Some Of The Items A Frenchie Pup Will Need?

All the typical things a pup needs like a bed/bowl/toys.However stay away from rawhide or any bones that are hard on their teeth and no collars for walking only use a harness?❤️

How Often Should Newborn Puppies Nurse?

Feeding should be done every 2 hours just like a newborn baby. For the first two weeks, we feed every two weeks followed by stimulation. Some litters need more than just stimulation in between feeding so by the time you’re done taking care of the pups, it’s time to eat again ?

Do They Shed And Would They Get Along With Other Dogs?

They she’d minimally, if your bulldog/ Frenchie is shedding a ton it may be due to an underlying issue such as allergies. In our opinion, they are good around other dogs and we have had no issue with others?

How Many Times A Day Do You Feed The Bulldog Puppies?

They eat every 3 hours. They are little fatties???

Is There A Reason You Do Liter Box Training vs Puppy Pads?

We’ve tried the puppy pad training for years and it doesn’t seem to be as easy for them to differentiate the floor from the Pads. It’s also not as clean. With the liter box,it’s easier to clean the pod and it keeps the smell down. We still use pads to cover the floor area as they are learning because sometimes they do miss.

What Item Does An English Bulldog Need?

Lots and Lots of attention and love, a harness, toys they can’t destroy, a bed; we like the cot beds, a steel water bowl not plastic as it holds bacteria and hours of cuddle.


Placing our Pups and Retired Adults in the best homes is a top priority. To us, this means regardless of the level of experience you may have with Bulldogs- or dog ownership in general, you are dedicated to following OUR requirements of education, preparation, and continued care. We have set up a handy summary post with the info we require for you to become a super bulldog parent!
**If we suspect you have not spent enough time and attention to the required reading, we will be upfront and direct you back to the reading before we continue with our placement process.**

French and English Bulldog Puppies for Adoption