Blue French & English Bulldog Color

Genotype for Blue Bulldog Color is : [dd]

Overview: Blue Bulldogs are black dogs that have been diluted. Unless it has the Seal gene, the coat should be lustrous and appear grey against black things or in the sun, unless it has maroon or other overtones. When the hair is rubbed backward, these bulldogs may not have a fawn undercoat. The bulldog eyeliner and the nose are usually blue/grey, ranging from light to dark, and should not be confused with black.

Note: Registering our blue canines with a color designation that doesn’t match our colors is upsetting. Breeders and puppy parents should utilize descriptive terms like “Lilac Passions,” “Blu Dreams,” “Chocolate Sensations,” and “Black Beauties” in the names of their bulldog puppies.


DD, Dd, dd

Recent discoveries have led to the gene d being renamed d1. All dilute color phenotypes cannot be explained by one single mutation. Two further MLPH dilutions have been discovered: d2 and d3. However, to lighten the color, two copies of any of the three dilution variations or any combination of two of these are required.


D/D No known dilute

D/d1 Carries 1 copy of dilute

D/d2 Carries 1 copy of dilute

D/d3 Carries 1 copy of dilute

d1/d1 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

d2/d2 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

d3/d3 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

d1/d2 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

d1/d3 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

d2/d3 Dilute, 2 copies of dilute

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