English Bulldogs were the fourth most common dog breed in 2014, and since theyREASONS TO LOVE A BULLDOG(1) came to the English Isles in 1886, they have stolen people’s hearts around the world. With celebrities including Adam Sandler (“Meatball”), David Beckham (“Coco”), Rob Dyrdek (“Meaty” and “Beef”), Miley Cyrus, Pink, Howard Stern, Ozzy Osbourne, and more, the British bulldogs have made their claim to fame. You may have seen British bulldogs in movies, in popular internet memes, and sometimes walking happily with their owners on the streets. But do you know why the English Bulldog breed is so sought? While the first things to come to mind may be their token underbites and stocky heads, there are countless reasons to fall in love with the English Bulldogs. We’re going to stick with our Top 12 to keep you from being
bored (or make you have too much puppy fever).

12 Reasons to Love a Bulldog (in no particular order):

  1. Rolls on rolls on rolls: Is there anything cuter or motivating with a wow experience than an English Bulldog puppy?
  2. Medium size, medium energy, BIG hearts: The English Bulldogs don’t need a lot of exercise, so it’s an excellent breed for busy lifestyles. Regular walks
    around the block and the occasional rompe are enough.
  3. Calm, courageous, and friendly: Don’t let the British bulldogs trick you with their appearance. They can look grumbling on their faces, but the British Bulldogs
    are one of the happiest and most friendly breeds!
  4. Dignified (but not too dignified): Case in point.
  5. Far from a literal bully: In general, the English Bulldogs accept new people and pets!
  6. Loving: The English Bulldog is an excellent choice if you are looking for the perfect addition to your family. Their ability to form caring ties to children is one of their most positive characteristics.
  7.  Lifelong supporters of “Netflix and Chill.” Especially the “chill” part: The English Bulldog is most often found napping on the sofa, on the floor, or wherever
    it sounds fit.
  8.  Low maintenance: Even though Bulldogs do shed furs, The English and french Bulldog does not need much grooming because of its sleek short coats. Nail trimming and regular
    bathing will occur sometimes! (Do not forget to remove and purify the folds of the skin!)
  9. They Help You Emotionally
    One of the significant advantages of a bulldog is that they emotionally help you. If you are stressed or nervous, bulldog puppies will comfort you when you suffer
    from all these stress traumas. The idea that puppies can lower your stress levels has been scientifically proven. So what better way than watching an exciting
    bulldog puppy jumping over the place as they see you walk through your front door. If you make it a service dog to calm your anxiety, you may even take your dog
  10. They Help Improve Your Health: Bulldog puppies will improve your health too because every day, you need to walk them. It makes you get out of the house and
    work out something you probably wouldn’t do ordinarily. Dogs are also a great companion when you jog, as they probably drive you out longer. If you are committed to your dog every day, you will be more comfortable. So if you want to think about this advantage of having an English bulldog.
  11. Healthy: Usually, when it comes to health, they seem to have a bad reputation. Most of it is unjustified. In general, English bulldogs are a perfect breed,
    without many of the common problems of dogs with more substantial breeds. The most common complaint about health? Snoring and breathing problems
    (because of their flat and short faces).
  12.  Did we mention their underbites? See Exhibit A: It is no wonder, for these and more reasons, that the English Bulldog has risen among the most popular breeds of AKC, ANKC, and CKC.

Check your compatibility with the English Bulldog on ankc.org.au and AKC.org. If you are on the market for a new dog. See if you and your family are capable of accommodating an English Bulldog! (Spoiler warning: it is.).

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